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Advance Orchids Nursery
( 270751 - M )

Mailing Address :
382, Mk. 6, Jalan Krian Kedah,
14200 Sungai Jawi, S.(P).S,
Penang, Malaysia
Phone : +604 - 582 3163
Fax : +604 - 582 2685
Email : [email protected]

Yoshida Pharmaceutical
Ind. Co. Ltd.

Mailing Address :
2-5-1, Nishikobaridai,
Nishiku, Niigata City,
Niigata Pref., 950-2015,
Phone : +81 025-267-6620
Fax : +81 025-267-1849

Website : www.yoshidapharma.com

: [email protected]


We are a tissue culture company located in North Peninsula Malaysia specializing in the micro propagation of Orchids. Establish at 1st December 1994. We started as an OEM for Yoshida Pharmaceutical Ind. Co. Ltd., from Japan. Initially, we produce Phalaenopsis hybrid seedling for Japan market. Later, with the help and technologies transfers from Yoshida Pharmaceutical Ind. Co. Ltd.. We started the R&D for cloning orchids.

Now, besides flasking Phalaenopsis seeds, we also provide meristem clone and culture service for Phalaenopsis sp., Dendrobium sp., Cymbidium sp., Oncidium sp., Miltonia sp., & etc. Currently we are serving customers from Japan, Taiwan, USA, EU and Australia.

We developed out our medium from experiment and the medium had been proven to enhance the growth of the various types of orchids.
Our current facility is 10,000 square feet including:

  • Artificial light culture rooms
    - Using custom made fluorescent lamp as light source together with air-conditioners to control the temperature and humidity, we control the culturing environments to a very optimum point that enhance the quality of the flask plant.
  • Natural sunlight culture room
    - Natural sunlight consist all spectrum of visible light. Natural sunlight provides a close to real environment then artificial fluorescent light.



We utilize both of the culture room in order to produce high quality and high cost performance young plant.

We take orders for seed sowing and tissue cultivation. Our productions directly manage and supervise by staffs of Yoshida Pharmaceutical Ind. Co. Ltd., with the latest tissue culture technology and the most important is we respect the confidentiality of your business.

Yoshida pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd.-Advance System of Plants Engineering & Culture (ASPEC) Section

  • Started at 1985 supplying high quality orchids tissue culture young plants for Japan market.
  • Base on the long years of medicine making (Yoshida pharmaceutical pharmacy section since 1947) with advance biotechnology of plants tissue culture.
  • Currently supplying vast varieties of orchids tissue culture young plants plus ornamental young plants (Saxifraga, Cactus, Christmas rose)


We would like to express our thanks to Crop Protection & Plant Quarantine Division of Department of Agriculture Peninsula Malaysia for their assistances in the development of our business.